Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Train Journey & We

Its always an exciting experience for us (me & my hubby) with train journey. Our last journey to my native was quite interesting… here it goes

The train departures from Bangalore Cantontment station at 9.40, but it usually comes late atleast 10 to 20 mins..

It is 8.45 at home..

V: “seekiram kilambu.. auto vera kidakanum … “
Me: “ivlo seekiram kilambi enna seiya porom.. station la poi pora varra train ellam vedikkai paarkanum”
V : “adhellam parava illa kilambu”

We catched auto ard 8.50 & reached Rl. Station by 9 sharp.

He was checking with Coach num with our E-ticket.. got confirmed its Coach 10, and kept back the ticket in his pant pocket (note: he actually slipped it down unknowingly instead of putting in pockets). We reached near Coach 10 and found a place to sit.

He was again checking the tickets for seat num… oops its not in pockets (the best thing I like with him is no tension.. COOL baby).. he went back to search in the same place where he checked for Coach num.. Alas it was not there.. came back and said since it was E tickets he will go to some Browsing Centre to get a printout of the same…

9.10 started from Rl.station catching an auto. Me sitting alone…
9.15 call to V.. V saying “yes yes reached a Browsing centre… will take printouts & come don’t worry..”
9.25 call from V saying “took printouts yet to move… will start in mins in the same auto”
9.30 a train is marching towards station… heartbeat is getting high.. Thank God its Thirupathi express…

9.35 Call from V saying “am on the way..”

9.40 V came smiling towards me…

Our train was actually late that day and hence we ended with good finish story..

Not sure how to write experiences or incidents very interestingly… but when you experience such thrilling moments, you feel like sharing with everyone… :) am done with my job.. :D

we had similar experiences manyatimes.. but I dont want to bore you :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Google - the best company to work for - Fortune’s Report

Google is considered the best company to work for in USA, says Fortune. It was not in any top positions in previous years, but its number 1 now.

Got a chance to watch a video on work culture in Google, really AMAZING. People playing around, Gym, volley ball court, and the topnotch is you can bring your pets if your co-workers don’t mind. Interesting right??? You will love to work in such companies if you too watch the video. The founders Larry & Sergey in an interview were saying “we kept the company in the way we wanted to”

The work culture, environment is more important nowadays and you can see many MNC companies (in particular IT companies) are ready to do whatever employees want. Employers want the employees to work happily, which they believe will generate more revenue.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Its Valentines’ Day.. and here is some valentines’ day special lyrics (my very favorite lyrics) ..

HINDI Film: Laagan (with English translation)

O re chhori, o ri chhori, maan bhi le baat mori (Oh girl, believe my words)
Maine pyaar tujhi se hai kiya, ho (I have only loved you)
Tere bin main jeeya to kya jeeya (Without you, what life have I lived?)

No drop of rain, no glowing flame
Has ever been so pure
If being in love can feel like this
Then I'm in love for sure

Sun sun le sajan rahe janam janam (Listen lover, birth after birth let us remain)
Hum prem nagar ke baasi (In the city of love)
Thaame thaame haath, rahe saath saath (Grasping each other's hands, let us stay together)
Kabhi doore ho na jara si (Let there not be any bit of distance)
Chaloon main sang sang teri raah mein (I will walk with you in your path)
Bas teri chaah mein, ho oh oh oh (With only longing for you)


Tamil film: Thotti Jeya

Uyire en uyire ennavo nadakuthadi
Adada intha nodi valvil inikuthadi
Oh oru nimidam oru nimidam enai nie piriyathe
Enatharugil nie irunthal thalai kal puriyathe
Nijam thane kel adi ninaivellam nie adi
Nadam adum poochedi nie ennai par adi


Tamil film: Azhagiya Theeyae … Vizhigalin aruginil

Alai kadalaai irundha manam thuli thuliyai sithariyathae..
Aymbulanum en manamum.. enakethirai seyal paduthae
Vizhi kana mudiyatha matram

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Joyous Memories

As I said in my first post blogging is not that easy as I thought. When you want to write something on what you think it doesn’t come out in the same way as you think. Many a times I wonder how fast this mind (brain or whatever you call) works (thinks, calculates, remembers, stores,.. ). :D

I feel the writing skill is so important, I see people who speak well don’t write better, or atleast not able to convey what they actually wanted to… now keep all this aside… we will get back to some joyous things..

Somedays back we had been for a trip to Kerala.. think we went the perfect time to enjoy the climate. Munnar - when I spell this word, all the memories comes back.. its really such a good place to take rest from your machine life… as it is said “god’s own country” you really feel the essence of it. : )

Here is a picture (serves as my desktop background : ) )taken with our SONY Digi cam

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