Friday, June 25, 2010

MAKTUB - Everything happens for our Own Good

Oh.. yes. This post is being made after years. I even observed many of the bloggers don’t blog nowadays – may be Twitter, Facebook has taken its place. At times can’t avoid :D 

But here I am back with my thoughts to pen..

I BELIEVE VERY MUCH WITH THIS VERY WORD “MAKTUB” .. ohh .. did you hear that.. yes it is 'MAKTUB'.. I had got a chance to read the book ‘The Alchemist’ years back. Though I don’t remember the story plot completely, I can clearly remember how the word ‘Maktub’ has been carried all along the story line. 

V keeps saying one quote from Bhagavat Gita ‘Everything happens for your own good’ .. very much true. 

Let me tell you one incident which allowed me to strongly believe on this.

Me and my friend (Indu) were going for shopping in her bike and in a traffic signal she showed me some building and was reading out the name of that building. I was like ‘why are you telling this to me, is it some famous building/landmark?” and she was like ‘no, simply showed you.. just for no reason’ and I was wondering ‘you gone crazy!’ :D

The next day I & V wanted to go to the very same shop to buy few stuffs. I couldn’t recollect the route that Indu had taken me :( we were in the very same busy signal confused on which route to take and where horns yell at us. I was desperately looking all around to find some clues. Green lights are ON.. Ghosh! MAKTUB!! I shouted at V “Here is the same building.. go straight” 

This made me to think

What if Indu didn’t show (just for no reason) me that building the before day? There could had been an entirely different story like the way it happened in the film 12B.

May be something like this might have happened to Director Jeeva which made him to direct a film like 12B.

And just imagine how much this incident should have affected for the reason that I am doing a blog post after years. 


PS: MAKTUB in Arabic means ‘It was Written’.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bhaage re mann kahin

A celebration for my love life.. this same day, three years back was when I accepted V's proposal.. doesn't this day deserve celebration??? huh??!

behtaa hai mann kahin
My mind floats somewhere
kahaan jaante nahin
But it's not known where
koi rok le yahin
Someone may hold it back in this very place
bhaage re mann kahin

My mind ran away somewhere
aage re mann chala
It drove forward
jaane kidhar jaanoon naa
God knows to where, I shall not know

haan chal THanDi hawaa
Yes, a cool wind blew
haan sang mandi gaya
Yes, it slowly accompanied
DHoonRHoon main kahaan usko
Where shall I search for it?
batalaaye koi mujhko
Someone please tell me
ke haan haan haan re
That yes yes yes...

haan hai aisa samaan
Yes, it is such a season
hmm phir hoga kahaan
Hmm, then where will it be?
jee loon main isse khulke
Let me live it fully
saavan mein zara khulke
In the monsoon rains fully
arre sunn sunn sunn
Oh, listen listen listen...

Lyrics source:

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I admire you, My Dad! - A tribute to my Dearest Dad

As for every gal child, their father is the first personality (of opposite sex) whom they love, admire, respect.. I too have the same fantasy. I always get reminded on one TV ad - one cute gal child saying - ‘My Daddy is the strongest’ :) In my childhood days even I felt like screaming that way...

Here are my memories

The days
  • When I used to try to hold his hands, he not allowing me to hold and he instead holding my hands very firmly (that assures his care for me)
  • When me & my brother make him to stretch his hands straight on the walls and swing on them.
  • When we get down at bus stops late night (after family day-outs) and with sleepiness I say ‘pappa I can’t walk .. carry me… '

Admire his intelligence & diversified knowledge

His love towards books.. he has hell a lot of books of varied topics.. his subject interest is too broad.. I can see him reading history books, scientific magazines, tamil epics and anything you can think of. His book collection dates right from 1980s.. and till now he hasn’t allowed to sell any of those old books - even ‘science technology’ magazines dating 1980s.

Even after his retirement, he has never stopped his search for knowledge.

During our temple visits, he will be the last to come out the temple - reading all the boards there to learn the history of those temples.

I still remember the childhood days when I used to ask

Pappa, what is convex lens?
Pappa, how to write an essay?
Pappa, what is the meaning of ‘compete’?
Pappa, why doesn’t Indian govt print enough money for people? (so silly, huh???!!!!)
Pappa, how did Hitler die?

And he had answers for everything, which comes without referring any book.


His discipline and dedication in his job.
I can see discipline and dedication in everything he does - right from washing clothes to fitting a fan in house
His positive attitude towards anything. Though he has faced many monetary problems from his childhood, he has never got tired to get out them.


His love on us
His kindness - he never allows to hurt animals, plants and the reason for which he converted to pure veg after 7 years of non-veg in childhood

V, few days back was teasing me ‘why not even 10% of your father’s knowledge is transferred to you?’ :D

Salute to you Pappa!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Your Partner - someone to make you feel good about yourself

I have been reading the RD book for quite sometime now. Recently I came across an interesting topic on “maintaining long lasting partnership”. As the word divorce is becoming more common in India too I thought I can just write my thoughts & views and know what my blog readers feel about it.

The article topic is how to choose a partner for long lasting relationship. After seeing this question I tried answering myself. As a typical Indian girl, rather typical south Indian girl my points were 1. caring you 2. allow you to be independent. 3. encourage your passion etc., oh.. yes you can even add 4. getting everything you want 5. taking to theaters once in a week 6. taking to some getaways once in a month ;-) ok enough giggles!

I was really surprised to see one point insisted in that article “a person who makes you feel good about yourself” . WELL SAID. Isn’t?? will you not be happy with someone who always makes you feel happy on everything you do, who appreciates the way you are, the way you do things, your social activities etc.,.

But of course you may/will get negative feedback too, but still when he/she makes you feel good about yourself most of the time you both can lead a happier life for ever.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


It feels good to know that there are few visitors who actually liked my blog comes to visit my web log and ask me “why no posts?”.

No, am not ready to say that I was quite busy with my work. It’s all because I had less mood to write on any topic. At some point I didn’t want to post though the post was ready in my local system. It is an odd feeling… and I didn’t want to write on any topic just for the sake of posting.

Now let me get on to some interesting things. I would like to know your comments on my statement - Aggressiveness makes people to take blind/furious decisions. What are your thoughts??.. come on… its going to be an interactive post…

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Face Blindness - Face Recognition Problems

Imagine how will a child aged 14 years will face his day-to-day life if he has this Face blindness problems i.e., he can’t recognize any faces, even if they are his loved ones, or celebrities. Got a chance to watch this video on Face Blindness.

Where are we(world) heading to?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Leonardo Da Vinci, the Renaissance Man - a Personality I Most Admire

For long time now, I have wanted to write on this personality. The film “The Da Vinci Code” directed me to learn/know more on Da Vinci. And as usual Wiki served its purpose :)

Leonardo Da Vinci - a Scientist, Mathematician, Inventor and Architect. His contribution to world is so great that you can’t even imagine for such a personality in 1400s.

Unknowns on Da Vinci

  • He had made many artistic presentations and manuscripts on human anatomy.
  • Most of his paintings were incomplete.
  • He is a vegetarian and loves animal
  • He is well trained in mirror scripting (to write backwards which can be deciphered through mirror). Most of his treatises were written with mirror scripting.
  • He had a sketch on flying machine, which was never created. People believe that modern day helicopter was inspired by his design.
  • his painting ‘Last Supper’ has met with so many controversies
  • he was working as apprentice in Andrea del Verrocchio’s workshop
  • his technical treatises on painting introduced new perspective on paintings

I best like his saying “Though I may not, like them, be able to quote other authors, I shall rely on that which is much greater and more worthy:--on experience, the mistress of their Masters.”

"Leonardo da Vinci was like a man who awoke too early in the darkness, while the others were all still asleep" - Sigmund Freud

True :)

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