Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cotton Candy (Panju Mittai in Tamil) and me

Are you crazy about cotton candy?, then you can join hands with me, (we can have a fan club) am so crazy that I never move to next shop whenever I see a cotton candy shop. My favorite place to have Panju mittai is cubbon park. My legs stops walking once I see the shop in the entrance (its good they have it in the entrance) and I get one Panju mittai which I eat all the way till we find some good place to sit. I like the puffy shape, the color.. and the taste yummy.. yummy… J

Sometimes I wonder why people always bet for dairy milk chocolate. If someone asks me to bet I would prefer cotton candy (of course, if there is more chance to win). In college days we bet for dairy milk, whenever I win I get the chocolate, taste a little and share the remaining with friends. This is not the case with Panju mittai.. very rarely I ask “do you want to taste?..” when there is only one candy in hand :D

Here is a good link to read about its story Cotton Candy history

I think such things in our life keep us going!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pi (Pie) in Trignometry

Did you ever know why do we use 3.14 for the value of pie π in calculating area, circumference of circle ? Trust me till yesterday I didn’t know it. Today I was just surfing on topic “Indian Mathematician” (he.. he.. little more interested with Maths, though not like Jyothika in Kakka Kakka .., Maths IIT)

Thanks a lot to Wikipedia from where am learning more and more (obviously improving my knowledge level). An interesting fact about Wikipedia is about its related topics. For instance when you read something related to India you can find to links “Taj Mahal”, “Hinduism” “Sanskrit” and many such things related to India, which helps in easy reading and better understanding.

Back to pie
π value I never thought Trignometry has these much stuffs behind the Pie value. With help of wikipedia and I learned a lot on this.. .. (pie value evaluation) Isoceles triangle, ½ Sin ǿ, chord, adjacent side… everything with trigonometry. I was thinking if we were taught in this way in schools no one would say “oops Trigonometry.. that’s the one I hate yaar..” Themathpage is great website for all, very clearly explained on theorems, calculations, equations.. so now I can say why do we use π value in calculating circumference and area of square with which many other formulas are derived.

hmm.. I too can blog on subject related topics.. :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ego in Marriage life

I have been wondering why people say they have a bitter experience after getting married, especially after “Love Marriage”. Is it because of the “Expectations not met” or is it the result of “untrue love”?

Guys always enjoy the song “September Madham..” from Alaipayuthey. Though it says about problems in “Love Marriage” maily about Ego clashes, Mani Ratnam has clearly explained the power of true love in that film. I especially like the dialogue said by Madhavan’s house owner “Vittu kudukanum paa. Vittu kudukanum..” which will help for peaceful & happy life (not only for “Love marriage”)

So what I mean to say is “No Ego.. No worries”

Thursday, November 02, 2006

How many MASKs do you have at home??


All these topics came up when I thought of blogging. But I wanted to write about MASK. Am I saying about the film MASK.. may be!!!…

The film Mugam by Nasar will clearly elaborate on the topic am about to write. It is such a good film that everyone should watch to know and realise where we are heading to. Its not so easy for people to be themselves at all places. It is quite natural and we start wearing MASK (cover ourselves and show untruth face). As the days goes we end with several number of masks one at office, one at home, and one with neighbors and finally we lose our own identity. And the question who am I actually arises. Are we here just to wear all these Mask, hide ourselves?? At some instance you find people liking YOU WITH YOUR MASK and not the ACTUAL YOU..

So how many MASKs do you have at your home??

More to blog on this...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Blogging is not as easy as I thought... trouble started from choosing the blog URL.. tried every combination and tired :( and atlast realised its better to have my own name which will help in many ways in my blogging... (reason in future posts..)
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