Thursday, February 01, 2007

Joyous Memories

As I said in my first post blogging is not that easy as I thought. When you want to write something on what you think it doesn’t come out in the same way as you think. Many a times I wonder how fast this mind (brain or whatever you call) works (thinks, calculates, remembers, stores,.. ). :D

I feel the writing skill is so important, I see people who speak well don’t write better, or atleast not able to convey what they actually wanted to… now keep all this aside… we will get back to some joyous things..

Somedays back we had been for a trip to Kerala.. think we went the perfect time to enjoy the climate. Munnar - when I spell this word, all the memories comes back.. its really such a good place to take rest from your machine life… as it is said “god’s own country” you really feel the essence of it. : )

Here is a picture (serves as my desktop background : ) )taken with our SONY Digi cam

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Loga said...

kerala..i cannot forget..we were there during our 4th year in college..had a very nice time..hope you also had the same :-)
True, when it comes to writing its very hard sometimes tio put it in words

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