Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bhaage re mann kahin

A celebration for my love life.. this same day, three years back was when I accepted V's proposal.. doesn't this day deserve celebration??? huh??!

behtaa hai mann kahin
My mind floats somewhere
kahaan jaante nahin
But it's not known where
koi rok le yahin
Someone may hold it back in this very place
bhaage re mann kahin

My mind ran away somewhere
aage re mann chala
It drove forward
jaane kidhar jaanoon naa
God knows to where, I shall not know

haan chal THanDi hawaa
Yes, a cool wind blew
haan sang mandi gaya
Yes, it slowly accompanied
DHoonRHoon main kahaan usko
Where shall I search for it?
batalaaye koi mujhko
Someone please tell me
ke haan haan haan re
That yes yes yes...

haan hai aisa samaan
Yes, it is such a season
hmm phir hoga kahaan
Hmm, then where will it be?
jee loon main isse khulke
Let me live it fully
saavan mein zara khulke
In the monsoon rains fully
arre sunn sunn sunn
Oh, listen listen listen...

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