Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Your Partner - someone to make you feel good about yourself

I have been reading the RD book for quite sometime now. Recently I came across an interesting topic on “maintaining long lasting partnership”. As the word divorce is becoming more common in India too I thought I can just write my thoughts & views and know what my blog readers feel about it.

The article topic is how to choose a partner for long lasting relationship. After seeing this question I tried answering myself. As a typical Indian girl, rather typical south Indian girl my points were 1. caring you 2. allow you to be independent. 3. encourage your passion etc., oh.. yes you can even add 4. getting everything you want 5. taking to theaters once in a week 6. taking to some getaways once in a month ;-) ok enough giggles!

I was really surprised to see one point insisted in that article “a person who makes you feel good about yourself” . WELL SAID. Isn’t?? will you not be happy with someone who always makes you feel happy on everything you do, who appreciates the way you are, the way you do things, your social activities etc.,.

But of course you may/will get negative feedback too, but still when he/she makes you feel good about yourself most of the time you both can lead a happier life for ever.

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