Thursday, July 03, 2008

I admire you, My Dad! - A tribute to my Dearest Dad

As for every gal child, their father is the first personality (of opposite sex) whom they love, admire, respect.. I too have the same fantasy. I always get reminded on one TV ad - one cute gal child saying - ‘My Daddy is the strongest’ :) In my childhood days even I felt like screaming that way...

Here are my memories

The days
  • When I used to try to hold his hands, he not allowing me to hold and he instead holding my hands very firmly (that assures his care for me)
  • When me & my brother make him to stretch his hands straight on the walls and swing on them.
  • When we get down at bus stops late night (after family day-outs) and with sleepiness I say ‘pappa I can’t walk .. carry me… '

Admire his intelligence & diversified knowledge

His love towards books.. he has hell a lot of books of varied topics.. his subject interest is too broad.. I can see him reading history books, scientific magazines, tamil epics and anything you can think of. His book collection dates right from 1980s.. and till now he hasn’t allowed to sell any of those old books - even ‘science technology’ magazines dating 1980s.

Even after his retirement, he has never stopped his search for knowledge.

During our temple visits, he will be the last to come out the temple - reading all the boards there to learn the history of those temples.

I still remember the childhood days when I used to ask

Pappa, what is convex lens?
Pappa, how to write an essay?
Pappa, what is the meaning of ‘compete’?
Pappa, why doesn’t Indian govt print enough money for people? (so silly, huh???!!!!)
Pappa, how did Hitler die?

And he had answers for everything, which comes without referring any book.


His discipline and dedication in his job.
I can see discipline and dedication in everything he does - right from washing clothes to fitting a fan in house
His positive attitude towards anything. Though he has faced many monetary problems from his childhood, he has never got tired to get out them.


His love on us
His kindness - he never allows to hurt animals, plants and the reason for which he converted to pure veg after 7 years of non-veg in childhood

V, few days back was teasing me ‘why not even 10% of your father’s knowledge is transferred to you?’ :D

Salute to you Pappa!

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