Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Train Journey & We

Its always an exciting experience for us (me & my hubby) with train journey. Our last journey to my native was quite interesting… here it goes

The train departures from Bangalore Cantontment station at 9.40, but it usually comes late atleast 10 to 20 mins..

It is 8.45 at home..

V: “seekiram kilambu.. auto vera kidakanum … “
Me: “ivlo seekiram kilambi enna seiya porom.. station la poi pora varra train ellam vedikkai paarkanum”
V : “adhellam parava illa kilambu”

We catched auto ard 8.50 & reached Rl. Station by 9 sharp.

He was checking with Coach num with our E-ticket.. got confirmed its Coach 10, and kept back the ticket in his pant pocket (note: he actually slipped it down unknowingly instead of putting in pockets). We reached near Coach 10 and found a place to sit.

He was again checking the tickets for seat num… oops its not in pockets (the best thing I like with him is no tension.. COOL baby).. he went back to search in the same place where he checked for Coach num.. Alas it was not there.. came back and said since it was E tickets he will go to some Browsing Centre to get a printout of the same…

9.10 started from Rl.station catching an auto. Me sitting alone…
9.15 call to V.. V saying “yes yes reached a Browsing centre… will take printouts & come don’t worry..”
9.25 call from V saying “took printouts yet to move… will start in mins in the same auto”
9.30 a train is marching towards station… heartbeat is getting high.. Thank God its Thirupathi express…

9.35 Call from V saying “am on the way..”

9.40 V came smiling towards me…

Our train was actually late that day and hence we ended with good finish story..

Not sure how to write experiences or incidents very interestingly… but when you experience such thrilling moments, you feel like sharing with everyone… :) am done with my job.. :D

we had similar experiences manyatimes.. but I dont want to bore you :)


Chitra said...

hi bhooo,
it might be very thrilling for u while u were waiting for ur hubby....our life would be more interesting with such kind of unexpected and thrilling experiences...
if everything happened in a planned and perfect manner, it would not be very interesting and we would not have gotten a chance to learn anything....isn't it?

Shanthi said...

Hi Deepthi,
Thats so cute ! And that too the way he handled it... so cool ! Must have been a big tension to u !! Well there is no thrill if everything goes smooth right ; )

Deepthi said...

Hi Shanthi,

Thanks for your comments!

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