Friday, June 25, 2010

MAKTUB - Everything happens for our Own Good

Oh.. yes. This post is being made after years. I even observed many of the bloggers don’t blog nowadays – may be Twitter, Facebook has taken its place. At times can’t avoid :D 

But here I am back with my thoughts to pen..

I BELIEVE VERY MUCH WITH THIS VERY WORD “MAKTUB” .. ohh .. did you hear that.. yes it is 'MAKTUB'.. I had got a chance to read the book ‘The Alchemist’ years back. Though I don’t remember the story plot completely, I can clearly remember how the word ‘Maktub’ has been carried all along the story line. 

V keeps saying one quote from Bhagavat Gita ‘Everything happens for your own good’ .. very much true. 

Let me tell you one incident which allowed me to strongly believe on this.

Me and my friend (Indu) were going for shopping in her bike and in a traffic signal she showed me some building and was reading out the name of that building. I was like ‘why are you telling this to me, is it some famous building/landmark?” and she was like ‘no, simply showed you.. just for no reason’ and I was wondering ‘you gone crazy!’ :D

The next day I & V wanted to go to the very same shop to buy few stuffs. I couldn’t recollect the route that Indu had taken me :( we were in the very same busy signal confused on which route to take and where horns yell at us. I was desperately looking all around to find some clues. Green lights are ON.. Ghosh! MAKTUB!! I shouted at V “Here is the same building.. go straight” 

This made me to think

What if Indu didn’t show (just for no reason) me that building the before day? There could had been an entirely different story like the way it happened in the film 12B.

May be something like this might have happened to Director Jeeva which made him to direct a film like 12B.

And just imagine how much this incident should have affected for the reason that I am doing a blog post after years. 


PS: MAKTUB in Arabic means ‘It was Written’.

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