Friday, February 16, 2007

Google - the best company to work for - Fortune’s Report

Google is considered the best company to work for in USA, says Fortune. It was not in any top positions in previous years, but its number 1 now.

Got a chance to watch a video on work culture in Google, really AMAZING. People playing around, Gym, volley ball court, and the topnotch is you can bring your pets if your co-workers don’t mind. Interesting right??? You will love to work in such companies if you too watch the video. The founders Larry & Sergey in an interview were saying “we kept the company in the way we wanted to”

The work culture, environment is more important nowadays and you can see many MNC companies (in particular IT companies) are ready to do whatever employees want. Employers want the employees to work happily, which they believe will generate more revenue.

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