Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cotton Candy (Panju Mittai in Tamil) and me

Are you crazy about cotton candy?, then you can join hands with me, (we can have a fan club) am so crazy that I never move to next shop whenever I see a cotton candy shop. My favorite place to have Panju mittai is cubbon park. My legs stops walking once I see the shop in the entrance (its good they have it in the entrance) and I get one Panju mittai which I eat all the way till we find some good place to sit. I like the puffy shape, the color.. and the taste yummy.. yummy… J

Sometimes I wonder why people always bet for dairy milk chocolate. If someone asks me to bet I would prefer cotton candy (of course, if there is more chance to win). In college days we bet for dairy milk, whenever I win I get the chocolate, taste a little and share the remaining with friends. This is not the case with Panju mittai.. very rarely I ask “do you want to taste?..” when there is only one candy in hand :D

Here is a good link to read about its story Cotton Candy history

I think such things in our life keep us going!


Shruthi said...

Hai deepthi,

I am shruthi. U know me well. We r classmates in UG.

I am also a big fan Panju mittai. Especially in exhibitions i eat them a lot but nowadays the size is getting smaller and prize is getting bigger.

One more favourite of mine is that big he-man balloon in exhibitions.

pp said...

hi gals

i cant believe this still do u think ur kids to speak about world we have got lots of thinks to be spoken out y dont u blog those stuffs.y dont u create a blog to remember the people who have died of tsunami 2 year's before and y dont u make the people know about their life after tsunami

Deepthi said...

thanks for your comments

Hi PP,
welcome to my blog !

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