Monday, November 13, 2006

Pi (Pie) in Trignometry

Did you ever know why do we use 3.14 for the value of pie π in calculating area, circumference of circle ? Trust me till yesterday I didn’t know it. Today I was just surfing on topic “Indian Mathematician” (he.. he.. little more interested with Maths, though not like Jyothika in Kakka Kakka .., Maths IIT)

Thanks a lot to Wikipedia from where am learning more and more (obviously improving my knowledge level). An interesting fact about Wikipedia is about its related topics. For instance when you read something related to India you can find to links “Taj Mahal”, “Hinduism” “Sanskrit” and many such things related to India, which helps in easy reading and better understanding.

Back to pie
π value I never thought Trignometry has these much stuffs behind the Pie value. With help of wikipedia and I learned a lot on this.. .. (pie value evaluation) Isoceles triangle, ½ Sin ǿ, chord, adjacent side… everything with trigonometry. I was thinking if we were taught in this way in schools no one would say “oops Trigonometry.. that’s the one I hate yaar..” Themathpage is great website for all, very clearly explained on theorems, calculations, equations.. so now I can say why do we use π value in calculating circumference and area of square with which many other formulas are derived.

hmm.. I too can blog on subject related topics.. :)

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