Friday, December 08, 2006

Internet & EMails in Life

“Want to send gift to my friend through rediff”
“Did you mail the updates to your TL?”
“Remind me to pay credit card bill through net today”
“my friend Anitha mailed me today, she is in Norway it seems”

You would be hearing such dialogues in your day-to-day life, especially if are in IT industry. Did you ever imagined such a world some 12 years back?. I would say “not at all”, the word “Boom” best fits here : )

Nowadays I rely on Internet on many things. Some days back while I was looking at sky I got doubt on what is difference between mist & fog and thought “tomorrow should Google with this”. I am not sure I would have gone to some library to find on this, if WWW doesn’t exist. See how WWW has changed us. And now we are in a world where you can get everything on your desk.

Emails in my life

I have been using emails

To say hi.. miss you.. and similar messages to my brother..
To send resumes during my job search
Stay connected with friends abroad

Suddenly got reminded of a credit card Ad

“There are Some Things Money Can't Buy. For Everything Else, there's Mastercard...” :)


Loga said...

Thats very true..I google for each and everything right from defintions to recipes...No letters only emails nowadays...

Anonymous said...

i have thought about this and blogged once in past also. intenet, www is good if used properly. i would not have my daughter acees internet on herself till she is grown up may be tiull 17-18. one thing i observed in US is it kills social interaction, people are absorbed in tv or internet. they dont get out and enjoy nature. and young kids as young as 1st grade have emails, yahoo chat etc.

Aravind Baalaaji T B said...

Hi.. Saw ur comment on my blog only today. Your blogs are good. I am working in iNautix in Chennai. How about you? Did you see my blog page just by chance or through some of your friends?

Deepthi said...

thanks for your comments
Hi Amimu, where did u get my blog link?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea where I got your blog link now, I was doing some searches and I hit your link. With thousands of links and webpages, it is really a web out there.

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