Thursday, November 02, 2006

How many MASKs do you have at home??


All these topics came up when I thought of blogging. But I wanted to write about MASK. Am I saying about the film MASK.. may be!!!…

The film Mugam by Nasar will clearly elaborate on the topic am about to write. It is such a good film that everyone should watch to know and realise where we are heading to. Its not so easy for people to be themselves at all places. It is quite natural and we start wearing MASK (cover ourselves and show untruth face). As the days goes we end with several number of masks one at office, one at home, and one with neighbors and finally we lose our own identity. And the question who am I actually arises. Are we here just to wear all these Mask, hide ourselves?? At some instance you find people liking YOU WITH YOUR MASK and not the ACTUAL YOU..

So how many MASKs do you have at your home??

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