Monday, June 11, 2007

Coorg Trip from Bangalore

Long back we had been to Coorg, disappointingly at a wrong time. The season was not so good; we felt the sun even inside the resort :) however besides all these we enjoyed. It was a family tour - me & my hubby, my brother & my bhabhi, my mum & my Pappa. You will enjoy to go for such trip when you don’t even prefer to roam around instead juz sit & talk under some roof :) that’s what we did - played cards, talked, made fun all time…

We visited Kushalanagar - a tourist spot near madikkeri, Kodakku district. It is said that this place is the second largest settlements of Tibetians outside Tibet. It was good to see Tibetians there having their own habitat - every small business is run by Tibetians.

The place we most enjoyed was the Raja’s Seat, a perfect time to be there is after 5 in the evening - fantastic view of Sunset. You can even have a small trekking experience.

Here are few pics

Abbey Falls

Thala Cauvery

Raja Seat - Sunset View

City View from Raja Seat


sachya said...

hey wer can we stay ther.... i want a cheaper hotel as we travellin from college....reply me ..... thanks

kalathilsharath said...

hello deepthi,
can u please send me a contact from coorg. a tourist guide or someone like that.....

Suhasini said...

Well written post. Great guide.

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