Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Google Analytics for your Blogs - Check your Traffic

*Edited for better understanding

Do you know how many visitors come to your blog everyday? How did they like your blog? the source/medium from which you receive your visitors? Wondering to get this info it will take so much of your time. No, it is not true. Just 10 mins of time will do.

Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.

Steps to get your Google Analytics

  1. Create your gmail Id. If you already have no worries! You can use the same.

  2. Login into www.google.com/analytics with this username/pwd

  3. Register your blog there - you will be provided with a code which you have to incorporate into your blog.

  4. Now login your blogger. Get into HTML view of your template. Put the code as suggested by Google - Update the template. Make sure its updated - you can do this by checking your blog’s index page source code where you should find the code which you had put in your template.

  5. Its almost done.

  6. It takes a while for Google to tract and update the status of your blog.

I can see more psychological benefits with this Google Analytics. Say, when you learn that your blog is linked by someone else showing their interest in your blog and that way you get more hits - it would for sure give you an immense happiness :). And of course you can be loyal to your blog-friend by linking back ;-)

no no.. the hits shown here is not my blog hits. :D its a sample report.

Behind the Scene - Google Analytics

Urchin Software is paid software which was providing this website traffic info. Google acquired Urchin Software Corp. in April 2005.

Off Topic - Google

As you know Google has been acquiring all huge companies like ORKUT, Youtube, Urchin, Blogger and many. When you watch deeply you will learn that you can use all these services with a single username/pwd - Gmail. All Google needs is more Gmail users and in turn more business.

Have you ever wondered how did Google become such a big company in short span, although being a service providing company? Its all because of Google Adwords - a profit oriented service provided by Google.

Google Adwords is a big topic to talk now! I just want to put one thing here. The sponsored results which appear on right side of your Google search query results and in your Gmail box are mere advertisements. Those advertisers pay Google for each click you make. However, Google follows certain standards & ethics to publish those ads and it makes sure that those ads are topic relevant.

Hold on! A lot on Google - enough!!! :D


Loga said...

Thanks for sharing
I am going to do that :)

Shanthi said...

Adsense really pays ??

Deepthi said...

Hi Shanthi,
True. Its actually Google Adwords :) A small confusion, since am involved in both. will edit my post.

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